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Survival/ Immersion Suits/ Flotation Devices

Air-Sea Safety sells and services all major brands of commercial and recreational flotation gear and apparel.  Our company supplies a wide inventory of maritime safety and survival products for both the commercial marine industry and recreational users.  In addition, our service and repair department can inspect and repair your survival suits, floatation and safety equipment to ensure full operational capabilities.  With the latest technologies in testing available, Air-Sea can guarantee all immersion suits and inflatable vests to be leak proof. For additional information on our survival/immersion suits and floatation devices, please call us at 1-843-723-2722, use our Online Catalog or use our Request Quote/Information form.

Commercial Marine Gear

For commercial applications, Air-Sea Safety features products engineered to exceed the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization, Canadian Coast Guard, Russian Maritime Marine, European Community Marine Equipment Directive and others.  Air-Sea will not only provide the equipment most suited to your needs, we will provide complete inspection and repair of the equipment to ensure safe usage.

Commercial Marine Gear
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Immersion Suits
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Inflatable Vests
Buoys and Lifeboats

Immersion Suits
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MOB devices

Certified Repair Facility
Immersion suit manufacturers recommend a complete suit inspection of your immersion suit by a certified inspection and repair facility at intervals not exceeding every two years. 

Many maritime authorities require annual inspection of suits regardless of age. Re-certification of Immersion Suits now requires Leak Testing

Immersion Suit Inspection and Repair
Certified Supplier of Stearns Safety and Survival Gear

Mustang Survival Gear

Imperial Immersion Suits

Recreational Marine Gear

To ensure full compliance with maritime safety regulations, Air-Sea Safety sells and services a full line of floatation vests, jackets and other safety products.  We offer the same high quality inspections and pressure testing to our recreational consumers that our commercial customers have come to trust.  For more information about our products or the services we offer, please give us a call at 1-843-723-2722 or visit our store in Charleston, South Carolina.
Type I Life Jackets
Type V Inflatable Vests
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Man Over Board (MOB) Units
Life Floats
Immersion Suits
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Life Jackets, Inflatable Vests , Buoys, MOB
Personal Floatation Device Types
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Float Coats
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Personal Floatation Devices, Float Coats, Extreme Weather Gear
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